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Thanks to its convenient location on the border of historically and geographically differentiated regions Torun is an excellent escapade point into different and very interested historical places connected with Polish history.
So there are such a famous and splendid localities not far from Torun as:
• Ciechocinek (famous Polish spa) some 25 km south (tour: Ciechocinek)
• Chelmno (medieval town with many superb Gothic historical monuments) some 45 km north (tour: Chelmno)
• Golub-Dobrzyn (famous Anna Vasa castle with great international knights' tournaments) some 42 km east (tour: Golub-Dobrzyn & Szafarnia)
• Szafarnia (after the birthplace Zelazowa Wola the only museum in Poland connected with Frederic Chopin) 49 km east (tour: Golub-Dobrzyn & Szafarnia)
• Kruszwica (one of the oldest and legendary Polish towns) 50 km south (tour: The Piasts' Route)
• Biskupin (famous archaeological reservation of the Lusatian Culture settlement (650-550 year BC)) 91 km south-west (tour: The Piasts' Route)
• Inowroclaw (spa) 38 km south-west (tour: The Piasts' Route)
• and many ruins of the Teutonic Order castles (for example huge ruins in Radzyn Chelminski) and Gothic churches in Chelmno Land (tour: Teutonic Castles of Chelmno Land).
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