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University Museum
Muzeum Uniwersyteckie
Toruń, pl. Rapackiego 1 (1 Rapackiego Square)
Opening hours:
Tue, Wed: 10am - 3pm | Thu, Fri: 12am - 6pm | Sat - Mon: closed
Admission fees:
Further details:
tel. (+48) 56 6112707, e-mail:
University Museum in Toruń along the lines of similar institutions in the world connects elegant functions of the university with those of science, museum and education. Because of the relatively short history of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, it is not confined solely to document the history and achievements of Toruń Alma Matris, but seeks to be an institution promoting culture and art of national and global scale, as well as for the purpose of teaching.
The collections of University Museum are divided into four sections:

European and world art and material culture items:
- collection of Prof. Wieslaw Litewski
- collection of Aleksander Werner
Polish art in Vilnius and Toruń:
- collection of Prof. Konrad Górski
Polish art in the world:
- deposit of Lina and Bolesław Nawrocki: works of Mala Muter, Bolesław Nawrocki, Ecole de Paris
- gifts of Maryla Żuławska: works of Marek Żuławski, Halina Nałęcz, Halina Korn-Żuławska ant the other Polish and British artists
- gifts of Halina Oberlander: works of Marek Oberlander
- gifts of private persons and institutions
Evidences and mementoes of history of science in Vilnius and Toruń
- gowns, insignia and portraits of the University's rectors
- memorabilia of the proffessors and graduates
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Mercedes Litfin, 2011-04-04 21:38:22 (

Please e-mail how I might contact one of the Nawrocki Fammily members who are interested in Mela Muter paintings. Thank you sincerely, Mercedes Litfin
(e-mail: )

P.O. Box (USA) 8153
Missoula, MT 59807
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