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River Vistula   Valley of Toruń
The longest, the most magnificent, almost unspoilt by civilization, the last wild river in Europe – Queen Vistula!
The Kuiavia-Pomerania region is located within two major river basins: the Oder (Polish: Odra) basin in the southwest (roughly 20%) and the Vistula (Polish: Wisła) basin, covering nearly 80% of the region.
Vistula near town of Nieszawa (some 30 km south of Toruń)
The Vistula defines the main hydrographic axis of the Kuiavia-Pomerania region. With the total length of 1047 km, it runs for 205 km through the region and for 18 km through Toruń. The stretch beginning in the south, the so-called "gorge" near the district of Fordon in Bydgoszcz, is known as the Kuiavian Vistula, while the stretch further downstream the Pomeranian Vistula. Its riverbed was engineered in the 19th century at the Tążyna tributary. Nowadays it is 300-350 m wide and 3-5 m deep with a large number of levees along the banks. The annual Vistula flow in Toruń amounts to nearly 970 m3/s.
The Vistula in Kuiavia-Pomerania. Click to enlarge
In the central part of the Kuiavia-Pomerania region the Toruń Valley spread along with the Vistula, between the northern outskirts of the town of Włocławek and the town of Nakło (length about 75 km, width about 20-25 km).
The Toruń Valley is a part of the Toruń-Eberswalde Proglacial Stream Valley.
The southern part the Toruń Valley is covered with inland dunes (which are also the largest dune field) on which the Bydgoska Forest (Polish: Puszcza Bydgoska) spreads. To read more on it click here.
The Toruń Valley in Raciążek
In the central part of the Valley lies Toruń.
This is also the Valley where all the major rivers (Vistula, Drwęca, Noteć, Brda) converge and all major routes intersect. The Toruń Valley, being the central part of the Kuiavia-Pomerania region is thus the largest concentration of economic activity.
The Toruń Valley. Click to enlarge
Cruises on the Vistula
Above Silno (about 12 km south of Toruń), the Vistula banks remain natural and unengineered. The riverbed there is up to 1-km wide and is characterized by a large number of shoals and picturesque isles. The biggest ones, called holms (kępa) are located in the stretch between Nieszawa and Ciechocinek. These include, for example, Kozia Kępa (the Goat Holm), Zielona Kępa (the Green Holm) and Kępa Dzikowska (the Dzikowo Holm). Some of them, in particular Kępa Bazarowa in Toruń and Wielka Kępa Ostromecka, are nature reserves.
The Vistula in Toruń

In 1970 Włocławek water dam was built, followed by the construction of Włocławek Reservoir reaching as far as Płock. It is the largest water reservoir in the region with the surface of roughly 75 km2, 408 mln m3 capacity, over 50 km long and up to 2.5 km wide.

The Vistula is a low-lying river. Its level varies insignificantly (0,18 - 18 cm/km), which leads to accumulating rock debris and, consequently, forming numerous sandbanks called Vistula shoals. Its retention capacity is low, which results in certain water level differences and varied flows. There is the frequent occurrence of ice phenomena on the river in winter and water overflows in summer which eventually triggers frequent flooding.

The Vistula in Toruń: Bulwar Filadelfijski (Philadelphia Boulevard)
The largest tributary of the Vistula on the right bank is the Drwęca.

Toruń is situated in a landscape of the River Vistula's terraces and dunes. These terraces are separated by steep hills, the most characteristic of which is a hill situated along the Vistula, east of the rail bridge, across Winnica (the Vineyard) to Kaszczorek, in some places even reaching the height of 30 metres. Read more and see the map here.

Cruises on the river Vistula are very popular among tourists visiting Toruń. Passengers board a cruise ship on Bulwar Filadelfijski (Philadelphia Boulevard) by the mediaeval Convent Gate (Polish: Brama Klaszotrna). Tourists sit comfortably on benches, admire the panorama of the city while listening to the stories told by a tourist guide.
We offer you an opportunity to admire the panorama of Toruń Old Quarter from the tourist ships decks. Every day, Every hour on the hour we will take you in a 45-minute cruise on the Vistula.
Info, booking: here.


Night Cruises
Admire the illuminated panorama of Toruń Old Quarter at night! See this Second Wonder of Poland during the night cruise! Take a ship in late evenings in July and September.
Ask for further details here
Ferry across the Vistula
To reach Kępa Bazarowa Islet which is opposite to the Old Quarter we suggest to take a ferry boat "Katarzynka". Adult fee is 6 PLN and reduced 5 PLN. It starts at Bulwar Filadelfijski (by the medieval Bridge Gate).
Kępa Bazarowa is a unique Vistula islet covered with riverine forest which is the nature reserve.
The viewing platform situated at the islet is an excellent point to admire the Old Quarter panorama.

By the Vistula by night
The Vistula in Toruń: Rubinkowo district
The Vistula in Toruń: Rubinkowo district
The Vistula in Toruń: the Pilsudski Bridge and the Old Quarter fragment
The Vistula in Toruń: the Pilsudski Bridge and the Old Quarter fragment
The Vistula in Toruń: King Casimir the Great castle ruins
The Vistula in Toruń: King Casimir the Great castle ruins
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