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St. Peter and Paul Church
The Baroque Franciscan monastery and St. Peter and Paul church are the most valuable monuments situated on the left bank of the Vistula district of Toruń: Podgórz.
Reformati, who built up those walls, belonged to some Franciscan branches, settled down here in 1644 thanks to Stanisław Sokołowski, castellan of Bydgoszcz and Dybów. In 1658 the queen of Poland Ludwika Maria (Louise Marie) with her attendants, and for the short period the King Jan Kazimierz (John II Casimir) as well - decided to stay here temporarily.
According to Franciscan tradition the church is devoid of a tower, like St. Mary's Church.
Humble size of the temple and lack of virtuosity in its forms were widely renowned by the contemporaries as a perfect implement of the order's ideal of poverty.
The only artefact survived from the oldest interior decor is the painting depicting the Delivery of the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to St. Peter, from 1668. Although modest but elegant current stylistically consistent Rococo equipment (high altar, 4 side altars, pulpit, confessionals) was executed in the 1760s. The intarsia tabernacle is one of the most magnificent monuments of Toruń's carpentry of the 18th century.
In 1813 Podgórz was completely burnt down by the Napoleonic army (>>), which prepared the defence against the Russian army. Since then the church turned into parish one, substituting for the ancient wooden St. Anna's church.

: Toruń, Poznańska Street (Podgórz dirtsict; >>)
Interiors sightseeing: the church is in religious use thus the visit is possible outside the mass hours only. The church is open for visitors all year round, all day long.
No admission fee.
Booking guides, further details:
Toruński Serwis Turystyczny, tel./fax: (+48) 66 00 61 352, e-mail:

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