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Kępa Bazarowa is a unique Vistula islet in Toruń, over 2.5 km (1.5 miles) long and over 400 m (1312 feet) wide, with the total area of 70 ha (173 acres). The nature reserve - the riverine forest which is the remnant of the riverine forests of Toruń Valley - occupies half of its area, i.e. 32.4 ha (80 acres).
It is from here, standing on a modest viewing platform, that one can admire the most famous and fascinating panorama of Toruń Old Quarter.
However, the islet is also of historic significance for Toruń. Its name, dating back to the 13th century, originates from merchants who stopped here. On 1 February 1411 Kępa Bazarowa saw the signing of the First Peace of Toruń, concluding the so-called great war between Poland and the Teutonic state. Great Polish chronicler Jan Długosz reporting the event in his chronicle refers to the islet as Toruń Islet. In the following centuries it also witnessed the visits of kings and their opulent corteges. In 1500 a bridge was constructed here, connecting Kępa Bazarowa to the city at Bridge Gate (Brama Mostowa), used by everyone who wanted to visit Toruń. Built under King John Albert’s privilege, the bridge was the second bridge on the Vistula in the Polish Kingdom.
Kępa Bazarowa location on map of Toruń: Green colour

Getting there
  • In the summer Kępa Bazarowa is available easily and in attractive way: there goes tourist ferry boat "Katarzynka" of the capacity up to 20 people. Adult fee is 4 PLN and reduced 3 PLN. It runs between the harbour at Bulwar Filadelfijski (by the medieval Bridge Gate) and the harbour at viewing platform on Kępa Bazarowa.
  • Choosing to walk through the Piłsudski bridge one should take the sidewalk on its eastern side (ie from the Old Quarter). After the bridge turn left into street Dybowska, which after about 500 metres you get to the street Majdany. There one take it straight to the point. The entire distance from the square Rapackiego is about 2 km (including 1 km across the bridge).
  • From the bus stop on square Rapackiego one should take the bus number 12, 22, 25, 27 or 36, which are going in the direction of the Main Railway Station (Dworzec Główny). Here, ie at the second stop turn off and follow the street Majdany that leads directly to the point.
Kępa Bazarowa Islet
Kępa Bazarowa Islet
Kępa Bazarowa Islet
Kępa Bazarowa Islet
Old Quarter seen from Kępa Bazarowa
Old Quarter seen from Kępa Bazarowa
Second Wonder of Poland
The Night Panorama of Toruń Old Quarter seen from Kępa Bazarowa was ranked 2nd in the contests “7 wonders of Poland” in 2007.
 The view of the Old Quarter as seen from the south bank of the river (Kępa Bazarowa islet) is among the most beautiful city panoramas. It has always inspired painters, poets and raftsmen floating their rafts down the Vistula. It is, at the same time, the most popular view of Toruń, stunningly illuminated at night. 
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