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Toruń, ul. Franciszkańska 15-21 (15-21 Franciszkańska Street)
Performances hours:
High season (May - September): Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm | Sat & Sun: 12am - 4pm
Low season (October - April): Tue - Fri: 10am - 4pm | Sat & Sun: 12am - 4pm | Mon: closed
Performances hours attention:
Check up the exact hour of performances in English here
Admission fees:
Planetarium shows: 13 PLN
Orbitarium exhibition: 9 PLN, reduced: 7 PLN
Booking, further details:
tel./fax: (+48) 56 6225066, e-mail:
The Planetarium in Toruń presents popular astronomical performances that embrace almost the entire scope of the astronomical knowledge. There is also an interactive exhibition The Orbitarium (>>), where you can feel like a NASA specialist and pilot the Cassini spacecraft.
Today, the Planetarium is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Toruń. This success was possible, in the first place, thanks to the fulfillment of the expectations of the guests visiting Toruń. When they visit the hometown of Nicolaus Copernicus, they look for associations with the Universe and they find them in the Planetarium. Since the Planetarium opened, the number of visitors has been systematically growing and amounts to about 150 000 each year. In the record years of 1999 and 2000, it even exceeded 165 thousand.
The Planetarium is located in the area of the Toruń Old Quarter. The building is an example of industrial architecture and originates from the second half of 19th century. It was previously used as a gas container for citizens of Toruń. Actually, there were three gas containers but two of them were pulled down in 1927. The remaining one was renovated in the 1980s and since 1994 is a home for the Planetarium. The Planetarium’s dome is 15 m wide.
The heart of the Planetarium is an RFP star projector of the German company Zeiss, which is used for presenting the appearance of the sky at any moment and place on Earth. Thus, on the dome we can present the configuration of 6000 stars visible to the naked eye and also the configuration of planets relating to the zodiac, the arrangement of constellations, the phases of the Moon, eclipses of the Sun and all phenomena that can be seen on the real sky, but what is the most important - far faster than in the reality. The projector is situated in the central place on the room and around it there are 196 armchairs. The integrated and computer guided video projection system, the system of 360-degree panoramic sights as well as the all-sky (a technique of covering the whole dome with a picture) and the sound system make the Planetarium in Toruń one of the most interesting planetariums in Central Europe.

According to these visual techniques we cannot only present the sky above the Torun’s Old Quarter, but also landscapes of different places in space. We can, for example, visit the surroundings of the landing place of the APOLLO 17 mission on the Moon or canyons and volcanoes on Mars. Furthermore, the all-sky system lets spectators get the impression of being inside the nebulas or galaxies. Apart from typically astronomical objects there is a possibility to find oneself in the forest, inside the cave or the cathedral. Thanks to optics adapted to our condition the part of the dome from the horizon up to the zenith is covered with the huge and moving image. We can present practically every kind of astronomical objects and phenomena with excellent quality.

In the Planetarium in Toruń you can watch several programmes. At the present moment, 5 of them are available in English. Those programmes are:
Macrocosmos (>>): show gives information about the biggest structures in the outer space and how they were created,
The Saturn Mission (>>): tells the story of the Cassini cosmic probe which was sent to Saturn to examine the planet and its satelites,
The Blue Planet (>>): gives us many interesting information about the Earth - how the continents have changed during centuries and how life began,
Eight planets? (>>): Solar system. The new definition for planets,
Summer under the Stars (>>): though summer nights are short this is the best time to observe the sky.
The timetable of performances in English here.
The Orbitarium. Interactive exhibition
The Orbitarium is an original and highly interactive exhibition, a new idea for the popularization of the outer space. It is located on the ground floor in the building of the Planetarium. The idea is based on a mission of the Cassini spacecraft, which examined Saturn, its satellites and sent a probe named Huygens on the biggest moon Titan. Today, we know that the mission was a success and we all could admire the landscapes from this secret and not very pleasant world.
In the Orbitarium there is an impressive model of the Cassini spacecraft. Using desktops arranged around the spacecraft, it is possible to control its devices and also to check what they are constructed for. You can find out where a fuel tank is put and personally start the engines. On the screens it is possible to watch computer animation about different cosmic missions and the planets of the Solar System.
In the Orbitarium there is also a set of interactive devices and models that present phenomena observed in the Universe. Check whether it is a truth that the signal sent from space comes to us late, how much a man would weigh while living on the Moon or Saturn and why does Jupiter have a stormy atmosphere?
Thanks to interactive devices you will find the answer to a lot of questions and simple descriptions will explain to you the phenomena presented in the Orbitarium. A visit to the Orbitarium is an excellent idea for the entire family and school groups.
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Justin Williams, 2018-11-15 22:47:17 (

Oferujemy wszystkie rodzaje kredytów finansowych @ 3% stopy procentowej. Udzielamy pożyczek w zakresie od  ?10 000,00 do  ?50 000 000,00. Wszyscy zainteresowani kandydaci powinni teraz e-mail:
AK, 2015-07-14 05:53:50 (

Very good information. I'm looking forward to visiting the planetarium!
TH, 2011-04-30 11:42:48 (

The English is fine. I'm an English teacher and this is better English than most of the websites for tourists - "you are welcoming to visit the Poland", etc

Amount of information is reasonable also - took me 2 minutes to read.
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