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Toruń. Treasures of the City
Album, format 17 x 16 cm
Content - divided into several parts-chapters - is devoted to the characteristic historical monuments of different architecture epochs and to the selected works of art (stained-glass, painting, sculpture, jewelery, etc.) formed in Toruń in the course of history. There are also chapters that point on major historical events (eg 1st and 2nd Peace of Torun, Colloquium Charitativum, Toruń tumult, etc.), and mention different historical aspects (eg, Teutonic Knights, membership in the Hanseatic League, Torun matter within Royal Prussia, the Polish King's visits, mints and coins of Torun, Torun army, the Napoleonic period, rafting, Torun fortress), as well as showing the greatest citiz of torunian and interesting places of the city outside the Old Town Team.
Language version: English - Polish
Format: 16 x 17 cm
Number of pages: 128
Number of photos: 232
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Toruń. A Short Guide to the Old Quarter
The nearly eight-hundred-year-old city of Toruń is one of the few cities in the present territory of Poland which received their municipal charters first. Here is the city famous for its remarkable monuments which have won the designation of the cultural heritage of mankind from UNESCO, as well as for its troubled and rich history. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, the city is renowned for Nicholas Copernicus and gingerbread.
Toruń, an old Hanseatic centre, during the nearly eight centuries of its rich history played a significant role in creating political, economic and cultural history and tradition of Europe.
Toruń’s historic urban complex, beside that of Cracow (Kraków), is one of the most valuable architectural complexes with medieval spatial layout. It comprises the Old City (granted its municipal charter in 1233), the New City, scarcely younger than the Old City (1264), and the Teutonic Castle (mid-thirteenth century).

Language versions: English | German | French | Polish
Format: 10 x 21 cm
Number of pages: 36
Number of photos: 80
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