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Archaeological Museum and Reservation in Biskupin
Muzeum Archeologiczne i Rezerwat w Biskupinie
Biskupin, Biskupin 17 (92 km south-west of Toruń)
Opening hours:
8am - 6pm (wintertime: until dusk)
Admission fees:
8 PLN, reduced: 6 PLN
Booking guides, entrance tickets, further details:
Torunski Serwis Turystyczny, tel. (+48) 66 00 61 352, e-mail:
Guided tour lasts up to 2 hours.
• More on Biskupin here.
Biskupin is a well-known archaeological museum and reservation in Middle Europe. Excavations on Lake Biskupińskie peninsula were initiated in 1934. It was the first prehistoric site in Poland with a vast scale organized research using modern techniques, methodologies and interdisciplinary activity.
Wooden remains of the fortified settlement from 8th century BC have been found in an excellent state of preservation, because of wetland, wood protecting conditions. Biskupin has been called 'Polish Pompeii' as well.
Permanent exhibitions:
The Peninsula - former settlement recontruction (open-air)
The settlement itself was built on a 2 ha area of marchy island. The whole island was a peat meadow rising from 80 cm to 120 cm above the surface of Lake Biskupin. The peninsula was first surrounded by a breakwater of slanting piles driven into the ground, then it was encloused by a rampart made of timber compartments filled up with earth and covered with clay. The settlement comprised thirteen rows of wooden houses, each row covered by a common thatched roof of reeds. There were about 100 dwellings altogether - one for each family.
More on Biskupin settlement here.
The dawn of history on Lake Biskupin
The exhibition in the museum pavilion is divided into several parts:
- The era of hunters - traces of human presence at the close of the Palaeolithic period,
- The farming revolution - the first Neolithic groups which settled down in the Paluki region brought with them the skills which changed people's lives dramatically,
- The Bronze Age - in the Paluki and Kuiavia regions influences from the south gave rise to a new culture, reffered to as the Ivno Culture,
- New Believes - under the influence of pressure from Hallstatt (Alpine) region, Greece and the Near East, the first pantheon of pagan gods appeared,
- Fortified settlement,
- Architecture,
- Every day life in the settlement - the surrounding of the Lake Biskupin created good cinditions for agriculture, hunting, fishing, picking and stock-breeding,
- Fibre processing, weaving, plait work, pottery,
- Trade,
- Ornaments
- The fall of the settlement - the reasons are unclear why the settlement, during the peak of its development, fell at the same time,
- Celtic influences,
- Roman influences,
- Early Middle Ages.

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Archaeological Museum at Biskupin in Middle Europe. is nice Museum. People comes from different place to see methodologies and interdisciplinary activity. seums/archaeological_museum_udaipur.html
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