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Museum of the Chełmno Land
Muzeum Ziemi Chełmińskiej
Chełmno, Rynek 28 (28 Market Square - Old Town Hall),
45 km north of Toruń
Opening hours:
Tue - Fri: 10am - 4pm | Sat: 10am - 3pm | Sun (from 1st March till 30th Nov): 11am - 3 pm | Mon: closed
Admission fees:
3 PLN, reduced: 2 PLN
Booking guides, entrance tickets, further details:
Toruński Serwis Turystyczny (Toruń Tourist Service), tel./fax: (+48) 66 00 61 352, e-mail:


• More about the Old Town edifice here
The history of the museum in Chełmno begins in the 1950’s. The year 1959 should be called initial: Jerzy Kałdowski, MA, became the conservator of the collections and took it upon himself to shape the appropriate organizational structure of the museum-to-be. Firstly it developed as a public institution and in 1964 it gained the rank of a 'museum point'. The first stage of the museum development which lasted to 1975 was connected with the city hall and the second - the years 1976-1983 - with the activity in the Gunpowder Tower (Baszta Prochowa) as temporary offices. In the year of the city's 750th anniversary the institution found its worthy location in the Chełmno city hall and got its final organizational and formal shape. The museum was officially opened on 28th December 1983, exactly 750 years after the city has been granted with the location right. It is a regional and historical institution and it mainly gathers and shows objects connected with the city and the closest area.
Permanent exhibitions:
The history of Chełmno
The main ehxibition of the museum. It's located over the 6 halls on the first floor of the historical Old Town Hall.
One can learn the town's pre-location history and granting the location charter (28th December 1233) and its development during the Middle Ages.
Judicial Hall delights with its unique charm. It's here where one can admire the 18th-century wall paintings relating to justice (eg. 'Judgement of Susannah', 'Cambyses Judgement'), beautiful inlaid doors with original Rococo crown. In the niche above the door the 16th-century mannerist sculpture of artificial stone is put, representing Caritas - Charity.
The output of Chełmno education is included in the presentation of the history of the Academy of Chełmno (1386-1818). In the Hall of the Third Order great polychrome wooden ceiling dating to the 16th century and preserved fragments of Gothic floor tiles
catch attention. Here one can see an interesting collection of memorabilia of handicrafts and printing, banners of Chełmno guilds and societies operating in Chełmno. Panoramas by Toruń's artist Steiner and Aschenbrenera represent the views and images of 18th-century town.
Ludwik Rydygier, a world famous Polish surgeon
Ludwik Rydygier was born in Chełmno, here was graduated from the Chełmno Gymnasium. After his study in Germany he returned to Chełmno, where he established and ran a private clinic. The clinic played also a great weight in teaching and researching activities. It was at Rydygier's clinic in 1880 that the first operation in the world of joining stomach with duodenum in a patient with cancer was conducted.

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