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Museum of Artillery
Muzeum Artylerii
Toruń, ul. Sobieskiego 36 (36 Sobieskiego Street)
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Artillery and Armaments Training Centre (Centrum Szkolenia Artylerii i Uzbrojenia), tel.: (+48) 56 6532410, 56 6533389, fax: (+48) 56 6532261, e-mail:,
Museum of Artillery in Toruń was established on the basis of special order of the commander of Military College of Rocket and Artillery in Toruń dated 14 January 1977. The museum exhibits are artillery devices that not so long ago was in use as an educational equipment for school training. The Museum continues - through its development - the traditions deriving from the interwar period when according to the decision of the Head of General Staff Marshal Józef Piłsudski dated 1923 the Military College of Artillery was appointed in Toruń. For the purpose of training the Artillery Museum was founded as well. Museum exhibits and archives did not survive the Second World War.
The purpose of the present-day museum is to conduct educational activities and to collect items on the history of Polish and world's military and the history of artillery and weapons.
Permanent exhibitions:
Open-air exhibition
The exhibition is created by a missile hardware and artillery equipment, and in many cases the items not to be found in other military museums, including, among other cannons and mortars of calibres of 45 mm to 240 mm. Thanks to the exposure one can learn about anti-weapons.
There are presented also light infantry support weapons, non-jet-propelled cannons, howitzers, battle cannons. Particularly noteworthy is the 240 mm callibred M240 used up to today by the Russian army. Anti-aircraft equipment is represented by the cannons of 57 mm, 85 mm and 100 mm calibre.
An interesting part of the exhibition is missile equipment. Museum of Artillery in Toruń as the only in Poland has a complete set of that equipment. These are: a set of tactical missile R-11M, Luna-M (9P113 launcher), SCUD set, 9K79 TOCZKA set and 9P116 set, the so-called Frog 3.
Great attraction is
light armour-piercing complex of 2K15. An interesting exhibit is self-moving cannon ASU-85 used in air and landing units. There is also SNARE-1 (battlefield radar). One can also see the launch of missiles: BM-13 the so-called Katyusha and one of two in Poland of BM-24 launcher.
Recent Museum acquisitions include: rocketry launcher BM-21, 122 mm howitzer Gozdzik, and the only exhibited in museums copy of 203 mm Pion cannon.
Hall of Tradition
The Tradition Hall exhibitions is dedicated to the history of artillery with special emphasis on the tradition of Torun artillery. Presented are the uniforms, weapons and equipment of Polish Army artillery during World War II and the years since 1945 to the present day. Exhibits in the majority are gifts of the graduates. The entire exhibition shows that the Torun was and still is a major centre of education of excellent staff of Polish artillerymen.
An interesting item in the Hall is preserved to this day granade of 46 mm callibre model 1936, of which a prototype has been developed in Torun.

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