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Gingerbread Museum
Muzeum Piernika
Toruń, ul. Rabiańska 9 (9 Rabiańska Street)
Opening hours:
9am - 6pm
Admission fees (without reservation charge):
12 PLN,
reduced: 9,50 PLN
Booking guides, entrance tickets, further details:
Toruński Serwis Turystyczny, tel. (+48) 66 00 61 352, e-mail:
• See also: World of Toruń Gingerbread Museum here.
• More about Toruń gingerbread here.
Gingerbread Museum is a museum only by name actually. It neither runs any researches or studies nor collects exhibits nor shows any exhibitions on the gingerbread or its history. Thus we recommend more interesting World of Toruń Gingerbread Museum (>>).
It offers you an enjoyable time while making your gingerbread. Gingerbread gift shop offers a variety of gingerbread and a café where you can enjoy refreshments and gingerbread sweets prepared according to many different recipes (you can eat and get a recipe for your favourite snack!).
While visiting the Museum you will be accompanied and instructed in the gingerbread-making process by a medieval gingerbread master and his trainees.
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:jezyk   :wow   :mniam
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I love Poland with all of my heart and specially Torun, because my love is there. once she sent a gingerbread for me in valentine's day, that was a bread in heartshape. long live Poland and Torun...
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