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Ethnographical Park in Kaszczorek district
Park Etnograficzny w Kaszczorku
Toruń, ul. Turystyczna 132 (132 Turystyczna Street)
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The Park is temporarily unavailable for visitors
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tel./fax: (+48) 56 6223649, e-mail:
The Farmstead is located at Kaszczorek, which was once a separate village but is now a district of Toruń city, albeit one its very edge. The skansen is located along the picturesque bank of the River Drwęca, not far from where it flows into the Vistula. The Drwęca is as well a border between historical and geographical regions: the Chełmno Land and the Dobrzyń Land.
The park presents examples of building and other objects associated with the lives and work of fishermen, raftmen and boatmakers. Until the 1960s, these remained the authentic property of a family involved for centuries in a mixture of farming and fishing activity. The displays here are thus put on in the environment completely natural to them. Alongside the farmstead there are a bread oven, a fruit-drier, a woodshed, fishermen's house-boats, a hut for storing fishing boats in, rafts and a ferry that once took people across the River Nogat.

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