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St. George Guild House (Dwór Bractwa św. Jerzego)
The old and exclusive Brotherhood of St. George, which used ‘their’ Artus Court together with other merchant confraternities - like the one in Gdańsk - in the late 15th century settled down in their new summer residence, otherwise known as ‘small’ Artus Court.
The Court (also referred to as the Burgher Court) was built after 1489 in the Old City intramural area between the Guardhouse Tower and the Teutonic castle moat dam. Allegedly, the material used to build the court came from the remains of the Teutonic Castle.
It is very likely that the building served as a meeting point for a smaller group of people, consisting exclusively of the Brotherhood members, while Artus Court was also used by other brotherhoods, i.e., by all the merchants and rich patriciate. The Brotherhood of St. George was dissolved in 1842.

Torun, 4-6 Podmurna Street (6 Podmurna Street Square; Old Quarter: Old City >>)
Interiors sightseeing:
no sightseeing. The edifice houses the Toruń Twin-Cities Association.

St. George Guild House in Toruń location map
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