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Shopping Streets
The Old Quarter of Toruń, and in particular some of the streets such as: Szeroka, Chełmińska, Królowej Jadwigi, is a good area for shopping. It offers variety of elegant shops and many cafes.
Szeroka Street
A stroll along Szeroka Street, the main shopping in the Old Quarter, will be truly a shopping adventure. Beautiful, newly renovated buildings, street music and host of shops have the feel of a busy market place.
Toruń is home to gingerbread cookies, which can be found in practically all gift shops and grocery stores.
Among the most versatile retailers is PDT Shopping Centre, located in the Old City Market, close to the Copernicus Monument, open every day until late evening. The decidedly upscale products available there include accessories, leather goods, jewelry, cosmetics and personal products.
No shopping spree would be complete without a visit to a nice restaurant or a café. There are many spread throughout the Old Quarter.
Opening hours
In Poland there is no law regulating the hours of trade. The shop owner decides when to open or close his shop. Grocers open at 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning and close at 7pm at the earliest. Some remain open until 10pm and a dozen or so shops are open 24 hours. Other shops are generally open between 10am and 6pm but on Sundays close at 2 or 3pm. Supermarkets stay open until 8 or 10 pm weekdays and weekends.
Nowhere in the rest of Europe will you find shopping flexibility like in Poland. Most supermarkets and shopping centres are open long hours, all week long! Have fun. And remember, currency isn’t a problem anymore; most shops accept major credit cards and Euros.
Banks can be found throughout the city. They generally open at 8am and close at 6pm. Most banks have their own exchange service but better rates are offered by bureaux de change (kantor).
Credit cards can be used in banks and at cashpoint machines (bankomat) to withdraw cash.
Markets and Fairs
In the Middle Ages and much later both
Retail prices of major goods and services
Old and New City Market Squares served as a real markets where one could buy food, fruit, dairy, fish, meat, drugs, herbs or other produces from the stall-holders. It no longer exists.
Nowadays on the Old City Market Square every day you can buy only flowers from many of the stalls.
Flowers stalls on Rynek Staromiejski (Old City Market Square)
But a short time (a few weeks) preceding Christmas and Easter on the New City Market Square you can find a fairs. Then you can buy goods from decorated stalls made after the pattern of Toruń's historical houses.
Some days around St. John's (June 24) there is also St. Catherine Fair hold on the New City Market Square.
Very interesting and recommended are the fairs held at the Etnographic Museum in Toruń on Sunday before Easter and Sunday before Christmas. There is an unique occasion to equip with goods of folk art there. Dozen of stalls are set up selling sculpture, earthenware, woven rugs and wood carvings made in various parts of Poland, paper cut-outs, painted Easter eggs and much more.
Everyday fruits and vegetables stalls on Rynek Nowomiejski (New City Market Square)
doctors visit:
~50,00 zł (~12 €)
rye bread:
~2 zł (~0,50 €)
car wash:
~17,00 zł (~4,10 €)
margarine (0,25 kg):
~2,00 zł (~0,60 €)
city bus & tram ticket:
2,50 zł (~0,60 €) >>>
white sugar (1 kg):
~3,90 zł (~1 €)
taxi up to 5 km:
~13,50 zł (~3,30 €) >>>
cheese (1 kg):
~19,00 zł (~4,60 €)
domestic stamp:
1,55 zł (~0,38 €) >>>
ham (1 kg):
~22,00 zł (~5,50 €)
local phone call:
~0,30 zł (~ 0,07 €)
~1,90 zł (~0,50 €)
cinema ticket:
~17,00 zł (~4,10 €)
~6,00 zł (~1,50 €)
men's haircut:
~15,00 zł (~3,60 €)
Levi's jeans:
~250,00 zł (~61 €)
women's permanent:
~50,00 zł (~12 €)
chocolate bar:
~2,50 zł (~0,60 €)
~250,00 zł (~61 €)
apples (1 kg):
~3,00 zł (~0,75 €)
McDonald's Big Mac:
~6,90 zł (~1,67 €)
oranges (1 kg):
~4,00 zł (~1 €)
milk 2% (1l):
~2,00 zł (~0,50 €)
beer: (0,5 l):
~3,00 zł (~0,70 €)
Food shops
There are no large shopping malls in the centre of Toruń but you can find some grocers within the Old Quarter. The nearest quite large self-service supermarket "Uniwersam" (which actually waits for being pulled down and replaced by modern Solaris shopping centre >>) is located on Szosa Chełmińska St., no more than a 10-15 minutes walk North from the Old City Town Hall.
In the Old Quarter you can find grocers on the following streets: Chełmińska, Żeglarska, Kopernika (Copernicus St.), Rynek Nowomiejski (New City Market Square), Szeroka (Broadway).
The large supermarkets such as Carrefour, Real, Piotr&Paweł, Lidl, Biedronka etc. are located away from the centre and cater for shoppers who come by car. There are small supermarkets on most of the housing estates catering for local needs.
Simple health complaints can normally be dealt with at a pharmacy (Pol.: Apteka). Unfortunately everyone of the staff will not speak fluently English. Even in places where the staff speaks only in Polish it should not be a problem to repeat prescriptions if you bring along empty container.
In every town there is at least one pharmacy open 24 hours. In Toruń three or four different pharmacies work 24 hours. The addresses of them are given in the window of every pharmacy all round the city and are printed in local newspapers as well.

The Royal Pharmacy in the 19th centiry used to be named "The Eagle Pharmacy"
The oldest pharmacy in Toruń and one of the oldest in Poland is the Królewska (Royal) Pharmacy on Rynek Staromiejski (Old City Market Square). It was founded in 1389, with the consent of the City Council, by a pharmacist Albert, who came to Toruń from Wrocław. In 1652 the pharmacy received its present name and in 1901 for a short time amended the name The Eagle Pharmacy.
Other historical pharmacies in Toruń are Radziecka (Council) Pharmacy (1623) and Pod Lwem (Lion) Pharmacy (1624).
The Council Pharmacy for many years was the source of medicaments for Toruń city councillors and their families. It was the first drugstore in the city to have received its own emblem (representing an angel with outstretched wings, holding a shield of arms) like arms of the city, now stored in a museum.
Torun gingerbread of historical formSouvenirs
Famous Toruń's Gingerbread is the indispensable souvenir from Toruń. What is unique and unusual of them is their taste, form and tradition dating back to the 13th century. Nowadays you can buy simple shaped cakes as well as decorated figural ones. But not each, such a figural gingerbread, can be eaten. They depict different designs: kings, townsmen, Toruń's coat of arms, Copernicus, horse drawn carriage and others.
The prices are differentiated. Simple and popular small "Catherines" or "Toruń's hearts" are 3 zł. Large decorated gingerbread costs some 20 zł.
Torun coat of arms stained-glass by Koziol Staned-Glass Art StudioToruń specialty is also stained-glass. Having been produced here since the Middle Ages, when in the 13th century Toruń was one of the largest stained-glass windows centre, reach a high artistic level. Today the city has a lot of stained glass art studios.
Polish crystal, pottery and amber are highly prized.
What is also popular with tourists are: statues of Copernicus, the Rafter, colourful stained-glass and of course everything that wears 'Toruń' or 'Poland' sings.
In Toruń, being an established tourist destination, you'll find souvenir stalls selling chintzy rubbish all around the Old Town; while that's all well and good, most of this merchandise probably wasn't made in Poland, just like most of the Chinese food in Poland isn't prepared by the Chinese.
Art Galleries
Many of the art galleries that don't deal with regularly exhibiting, sell paints, china, furniture, graphics, antiques etc. >>>
Shopping Malls
Shopping in Toruń.
All shopping centres at a glance... >>>
Guide Books
Here we provide you accurate and reliable publications about Toruń. >>>


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