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Only three out of the twelve medieval gates in Toruń (eight in the Old City, four in the New City) have survived. Others were dismantled mainly in the second half of the 19th century, together with the majority of city walls. The surviving ones are situated along the Vistula. Two of all the gates were markedly broad and massive, which was a characteristic feature of the gates in Flanders. These included the non-preserved Paulinian Gate (Brama Paulińska) with a superstructure in the form of an octagon added in the first half of the 14th century and the surviving Monastic Gate (Brama Klasztorna) of the first half of the 14th century.
Demolishing other gates, including Chełmno Gate (Brama Chełmińska), was a great loss for Toruń.
Holy Spirit Gate
Sailors Gate
  Bridge Gate
Polish: Brama Ducha Św.
Modelled on the gates built in Flanders, the broad and austere gate dating from the first half of the fourteenth century led to the port quay. It was named after the Benedictine nunnery, formerly located in this place and pulled down during the Swedish siege (17th century).
Polish: Brama Żeglarska
Dating from the first half of the fourteenth century, Sailor’s Gate was one of the most important gates in Toruń: it performed a representative function, among other things. Here, a ceremonial welcome was extended to the distinguished guests. Here, Toruń’s Royal Walk began, leading to the Old City Town Hall.
Polish: Brama Mostowa
The third and last gate was erected in 1432 by Hans Gotland. It led to the non-extant bridge built under the privilege granted by King John I Albert in 1500. The bridge, from which the gate took its name, was the second longest stable bridge in the Kingdom of Poland after that of Krakow.
Locations: see the map above. The gates are signed with the green labels.
Interior sightseeing: no sightseeing. The city authorities have decided not to make them available for tourists (for example the Bridge Gate houses Municipal Office for the Monuments Protection).
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